Meet Our

Okane Values Award Winners

August 2022 Values Award Winner

Anika McCall

Anika is based in our Brisbane office, where she reviews accounts, processes payments and invoices, and assists with contract reviews. Anika exemplifies Okane's values each day, ensuring our processes run smoothly. Thank you, Anika!
October 2022 Values Award Winner

Hal Cooper

Hal is our technical services manager based in our Saskatoon office. He embodies Okane's values in his work and his interactions with our team and our clients. Thank you, Hal!
December 2022 Values Award Winner

Graham Hay

Graham, our engineer based in Saskatoon, focuses on closure planning scenarios and facilitates numerous closure visioning workshops. He has been modelling our core values for over four years, ensuring a smooth process for our clients and stakeholders. Thank you, Graham!
January 2023 Values Award Winner

Haley Cunningham

Haley is a geoenvironmental engineer based in our Saskatoon office. Her projects at Okane focus on geosynthetic applications and geoenvironmental barrier systems. Thank you, Haley!
February 2023 Values Award Winner

Tim Collins

Tim, our senior technician based in the Perth office, specializes in cover performance monitoring, tailings, and mine rock management. He's always available for extended site visits. Thank you, Tim!
March 2023 Values Award Winner

Jill Ashbury

Jill is a geoscientist-in-training based in our Calgary office. She is involved in advanced data monitoring projects, managing cover system installations, and coordinating with clients and stakeholders, all while embodying our core values. Thank you, Jill!
April 2023 Values Award Winner

Mitchell Barteaux

Mitchell is an experienced project coordinator and geoscientist based in Nova Scotia. He consistently leads by example, eagerly supports the team, and showcases his commitment through high-quality project deliveries for clients. Thank you, Mitchell!
May 2023 Values Award Winner

Beth Pettrey

Beth is our project administrator based in Brisbane. She efficiently organizes our project plans, readily supports the team, and provides prompt assistance while exemplifying our values throughout. Thank you, Beth!
June 2023 Values Award Winner

Rob Shurniak

Rob is our senior engineer based in Nanaimo. He's an expert in numerical modelling, specializing in soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, water movement, and materials used in mining operations and closure. He is always available to support not only the Operations team but also other Okane business units. Thank you, Rob!
July 2023 Values Award Winner

Janna Lutz

Janna is a scientist and project coordinator based in our Cranbrook office. With humility and positivity, she represents Okane's core values in her extensive experience managing mining reclamation and performance monitoring projects across Canada. Thank you, Janna!
August 2023 Values Award Winner

Patrick Doyle

Patrick, our engineer-in-training based in Cranbrook, has faced numerous challenges in his field program, like scaling steep mountains, braving weather and increased bear activity, and spending long evenings analyzing data while embracing passion, humility, and positivity in his interactions with both his team and clients during his programs. Thank you, Patrick!
September 2023 Values Award Winners

Jill Ashbury and Dan Francis

Our geoscientists-in-training, Jill and Dan, consistently conquer challenges and provide solutions when needed. One of their basic environmental monitoring projects grew to encompass spill response, remediation, erosion control, and groundwater monitoring, impressing the client for future projects. Okane is extremely lucky to have talented folks like Jill and Dan! Thank you both!
October 2023 Values Award Winner

Mike Jones

Mike is an accounts payable and receivable clerk based in Saskatoon. Mike went the extra mile to assist his colleagues with a meticulous invoice preference. Bridging time zones, Mike attended meetings and spent hours on Teams calls while upholding Okane values and ensuring client satisfaction through team collaboration. Thank you, Mike!
November 2023 Values Award Winner

Sophie Kessler

Sophie is a senior soil scientist based in Cranbrook. She remains positively prepared to swiftly engage in fieldwork, and her smart and organized approach is appreciated by many. Thank you, Sophie, for all your contributions!
December 2023 Values Award Winner

Brady Hay

Brady is an engineering technologist based in Manitoba. He swiftly resolves issues with a proactive and positive approach and ensures high-quality deliverables of complex drawings and figures. Thank you, Brady!
January 2024 Values Award Winner

Tony Zheng

Tony is a geoenvironmental engineer based in our Calgary office. He demonstrates remarkable adaptability, collaboration skills, and professionalism in managing complex projects while embodying our core values. Thank you, Tony!
February 2024 Values Award Winner

Joel Steeves

Joel is an environmental geologist based in our Calgary office. He demonstrates remarkable passion and support despite his busy schedule. Thank you, Joel!
March 2024 Values Award Winner

Emma Forbes

Emma is an environmental geologist based in our Perth office. Her passion, enthusiasm, and kindness contribute positively to our work environment, showcasing exceptional flexibility and commitment to client needs and company success. Thank you, Emma!
April 2024 Values Award Winner

Jodi Fuge

Jodi is our business development administrator, based in Perth, Australia. She embodies Okane's values through exceptional teamwork and support across business units, office organization, and environmental consciousness. Thank you, Jodi!
May 2024 Values Award Winner

Matt Carson

Matt is an intermediate engineer, based in Brisbane, Australia. He actively supports his team, embodying Okane's values and fostering positivity and approachability. Thank you, Matt!
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    Principal Technical Leads

    Okane Consultants mine closure Andrew Baisley - Closure Vision

    Andrew Baisley

    Closure Vision and Stakeholder Engagement
    Okane Consultants Principal Technical Lead Rachel Sawyer

    Rachel Sawyer

    Integrated Life of Mine Planning: Tailings and Mine Rock
    Okane Consultants mine closure Dave Christensen

    Dave Christensen

    Closure Plans, Detailed Design, and Construction Support
    Okane Consultants Principal Technical Lead Gillian Allen

    Gillian Allen

    Adaptive Management and Strategic Risk Assessment
    Okane Consultants mine closure Jared Robertson - Environmental Geochemistry

    Jared Robertson

    Environmental Geochemistry

    Yapo Allé-Ando

    Water Stewardship
    Okane Consultants mine closure Lachlan Ashby - Rehabilitation and Reclamation

    Lachlan Ashby

    Rehabilitation and Reclamation
    Okane Consultants mine closure Mark Phillips - Environmental Monitoring

    Mark Phillip

    Environmental Monitoring and Advanced Data Management
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    Leadership Team

    Okane Consultants Leadership Team Scott Rose

    Scott Rose

    Chief Executive Officer
    Okane Consultants mine closure Mike Okane
    Senior Technical Advisor

    Mike O'Kane

    I am passionate about sustainability; listening and learning how I can support multi-generational socio-economic development in the mining industry."
    Okane Consultants mine closure Denise Chapman

    Denise Chapman

    VP Operations (Global)
    Okane Consultants mine closure Miriam Clark

    Miriam Clark

    VP Global Strategy & Business Growth
    Okane Consultants Leadership Team Charlene Nash

    Charlene Nash

    VP Finance (Global)
    Okane Consultants mine closure jessie vanvaals

    Jessie VanVaals

    VP Human Resources (Global)
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    Board of Directors

    Okane Consultants Board Director Mike O'Kane

    Mike O'Kane

    Chair of the Board
    Okane Consultants mine closure Christine Charles

    Christine Charles

    Independent Board Director
    Okane Consultants mine closure Todd-Rosenburg

    Todd Rosenberg

    Independent Board Director

    Okane Consultants Board Director Sharon Flynn

    Sharon Flynn

    Independent Board Director
    Okane Consultants mine closure Dr Bruce Kelly

    Dr. Bruce Kelley

    Independent Board Director
    Okane Consultants Board Director Natascha Kiernan

    Natascha Kiernan

    Independent Board Director

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