Rehabilitation and Reclamation

Rehabilitation and Reclamation Overview

Mine rehabilitation is the endeavour of restoring previously mined landscapes to a condition that is deemed environmentally and ecologically acceptable. When developing mine rehabilitation and reclamation plans, Okane identifies the most suitable characteristics for returning land use. Our comprehensive approach involves evaluating this process by considering ecological and industrial attributes, establishing site-specific closure objectives, and determining the key factors that will enable long-term reclamation success.

Okane specializes in developing practical mine rehabilitation, reclamation, revegetation, and associated monitoring solutions across mine domains, including mine rock (waste rock) stockpiles, tailings storage facilities, and heap leach facilities. Our team of experienced ecologists, environmental scientists, and engineers who meticulously access soil properties, vegetation communities, and local ecological factors craft site-specific rehabilitation and revegetation plans that harmonize with the surrounding area.

In our commitment to a holistic approach, we engage in collaborative partnerships with Indigenous communities, blending Traditional Knowledge into rehabilitation and revegetation plans and landform designs. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that mine rehabilitation and reclamation plans are integrated into all stages of the mine lifecycle. This approach not only enhances closure outcomes but also establishes a foundation for long-term monitoring of the site to validate the performance of our designs.

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Okane Consultants mine closure rehabilitation reclamation
Okane Consultants mine closure rehabilitation reclamation
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