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In association with the Landform Design Institute, we host "Getting Closure", a podcast that explores the current state of mine closure and reclamation.

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From industry trends to cover system trials, our Okane experts share their expertise towards an integrated mine closure.

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Evaluating Evaporation & Under-drainage in Dewatering Tailings

January 27, 2014
Tags: Course/Seminar | Integrated Life of Mine Planning: Tailings and Mine Rock

Okane supports integrated mine closure planning involving all stakeholders

July 31, 2023
Tags: Interview | Integrated Mine Closure & Relinquishment Solutions

Attracting the Indigenous Workforce into the Mining Industry

August 25, 2023
Tags: Course/Seminar | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion | Indigenous Relations

How to bring mining companies and stakeholders into mine closure alignment

September 5, 2023
Tags: Interview | Integrated Mine Closure & Relinquishment Solutions

Application of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in the Mining Industry...and other Gardening Tips

May 8, 2024
Tags: Course/Seminar | Source Control | Cover Systems and Landform Designs

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