Environmental Geochemistry

Environmental Geochemistry Overview

Geochemistry plays a significant role throughout the life of a mining operation, from exploration to closure and rehabilitation. During the exploration and resource evaluation phase, geochemical surveys and analysis are employed to identify anomalous geochemical signatures that indicate the potential presence of valuable minerals. By analyzing the chemical composition of rocks and minerals, geochemists provide insights into the quantity, quality, and economic viability of mineral resources.

In mine planning and closure, applied geochemistry is critical to predicting the chemical stability of mining areas and landforms, and resulting impacts to hydrogeochemistry. By leveraging the knowledge and techniques of geochemistry, mining companies can minimize environmental impacts, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable sustainable mining designs that prioritize source term control.

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Okane Consultants mine closure -Environmental-Geochemistry
Okane Consultants mine closure Environmental geochemistry

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