Adaptive Management and Strategic Risk Assessment

Adaptive Management and Strategic Risk Assessment Overview

Due to the dynamic nature of mining closure, it is important to implement a proactive approach to monitoring and assessing risk. At Okane, our adaptive management approach allows for flexibility in responding to changing circumstances, uncertainties, and emerging risks during closure. Since closure activities can span many years, external factors such as regulatory changes, market conditions, and technological advancements can significantly influence the closure process. Adaptive management allows for timely adjustments to these evolving conditions, ensuring that closure objectives are met.

Strategic risk assessment plays an integral role in ensuring the success of mining closure activities. It involves identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing potential risks and uncertainties that could impact the closure process and its objectives. We help our clients conduct comprehensive risk assessments from identifying risks to developing mitigation strategies and contingency plans to address identified risks. Our approach helps minimize potential adverse events to the surrounding environment, communities, and stakeholders. Strategic risk assessment provides a structured framework to identify and manage these risks, promoting sustainable and responsible closure practices.

Both adaptive management and strategic risk assessment encourage continuous improvement and learning in mining closure. By systematically monitoring and evaluating closure activities, identifying lessons learned, and incorporating best practices, the closure process can evolve and improve over time.

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