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Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) Toolkit and Management Plan

Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) Toolkit and Management Plan


Okane was engaged to develop an acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) management toolkit with the aim of providing users at various levels, from corporate to operational, an understanding of AMD fundamentals, risks, and consequences.


The Okane AMD Management System is based on a seven-step hierarchical approach addressing; baseline conditions, prediction, prevention, minimization, control, treatment, and planning for closure. The toolkit also included an introductory unit to provide context and an organizational perspective on AMD issues at a level appropriate to the target audience.

The Toolkit and Management Plan also includes:

  • an AMD Workbook that incorporates training modules based on client-specific case studies;
  • an Okane-facilitated short course to deliver the AMD Toolkit and complete the AMD Workbook;
  • Okane’s mentoring for workshop attendees implementing the AMD Toolkit and Management Plan, including site-specific investigations at their respective sites; and
  • a follow-up workshop to allow attendees to present their findings from the site-specific investigations and receive technical mentoring and guidance from Okane.

Client Benefit

The toolkit provided users with a decision-making hierarchy pertaining to methodologies employed to firstly manage potential AMD risks, and secondly to mitigate impacts from AMD generation. The toolkit was structured according to the Okane AMD Management system and aligned with the performance expectations prescribed in the client’s AMD and Mine Rock Management Standards.

Okane Consultants mine closure

Jung, R. (2016). Orange coatings on rocks and precipitates forming in a drainage line downstream of an AMD source [Digital Image]. Australian Government.

Decreasing AMD risks and treatment costs through corporate and operational level training and management plans.


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Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) Toolkit and Management Plan

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